The authors are the most important asset of a publishing house. We want to use the advantages of a small publishing house and look after each author individually. The good relationship between author and publisher is the basis of a successful cooperation. There are no standard solutions for publications.


We do not handle the publishing rights restrictively in order to allow the authors to distribute their theses in other ways. For example, they are free to use parts of their book in articles.



Our books should be of high quality, i.e. the printing, the paper and binding should be of the highest possible quality.

Books should not be expensive, but should be bought and read. Therefore, the sales price should be kept as low as possible.


Books should be distributed as widely as possible. A publishing house publication offers the following advantages: The books receive an ISBN, are included in the directory of available books (VLB), are available at any time in Germany and abroad, and find their way into the corresponding bibliographies.


In addition, an individual marketing concept is designed for each book together with the author and direct advertising is carried out that is precisely geared to the respective target group. At this point, close cooperation with the authors is essential.


If reading this has made you interested in collaborating with Jacobs Publishing House, please give us a call so we can talk about it. Or send us an email in which you briefly describe your book project.


You are welcome to download formatting recommendations for your book as a PDF file. These are two pages, depending on whether your book is to be published in 14,8 x 21 cm or 17 x 24 cm format.